Project F & F.LF

Project F is an effort to create a powerful and hackable game engine for the 2D fighter (Beat 'em up) genre.

F.LF is a clean room implementation of the classic fighter game Little Fighter 2, which is well known for its hackability that enabled huge opportunities in spriting and data changing. F.LF is our first step to the continuation of the LF2 legend.

Rich game mechanics

Punch & dash. Catch & throw. Defend & dodge. Weapons, blasts & super moves. Design your characters by writing data files.

Carefully designed

with clear specification. Be amazed by F.LF's resemblance to LF2.


Cross platform and works across desktop and mobile.

Full featured

Graphics. Sound. Keyboard & touch. AI. Multiplayer.

Open Source

Freedom to the community. GPLv3 Licensed.